Wednesday, August 26, 2015

get on with it. a name.

I could spend a lot of time explaining how long I've been contemplating this.
Enlighten you with small experiences that brought on it's influence.
Bore you with details, specifics, personal feelings.

But that's not why I have wanted a blog. I consider myself a thinker.
So renegade sheep will be my outlet. 

Topics I care about, I find interest in or worrisome, topics of importance, topics of ridiculousness, taste and flavor, love, friendship, peace, and more.
I can't pinpoint the final goal here, and trying to label it seems like a waste of effort.
It will become what it needs to be with time. 

I feel that can not escape describing the name that I came in a nutshell:
I grew up raising sheep, and they have become important to me.
At the age of 23 I walked the Camino de Santiago through Spain on my own.
I one day encountered a sheep whom was on the other side of the fence of his flock.
He seemed was obvious he missed his friends dearly.
But he also seemed to have no desire to return to the other side of the fence...he was enjoying his new found freedom and individuality. 

A metaphor, perhaps.
A cool thing to run into while your making your way through northern Spain, absolutely. 
A name was born. 
A name for an outlet: art, food, writing, restaurants. travel. friendship. issues. agriculture. love. & more.

Also, read about another renegade sheep named Shrek who refused to let 'the man' shear his woolly coat. An inspiration to sheep everywhere... until he realized how fantastic it would feel to rid himself of his armor of wool. A prime example of admitting when you were wrong...